Construction & Design Updates

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On November 8, 2022, the Platteville community approved a facilities referendum which authorizes the District to borrow $36 million for facility improvements. Thank you!

The referendum plan includes work at all four campus sites, including a renovation of the cafeteria, kitchen and gymnasium at the Neal Wilkins Early Learning Center, a parent pick-up/drop-off at Westview Elementary, a restroom and classroom addition at Platteville Middle School, and improvements at Platteville High School including a CTE classroom addition, cafeteria/kitchen renovations, commons and an outdoor activities complex.

Construction Progress
Throughout the school year, our construction partners have been hard at work addressing the areas of construction that can be accomplished while school is in session. These areas include the gymnasium addition and kitchen renovation at Neal Wilkins Early Learning Center, the Culinary/Agriculture classroom addition and portions of the kitchen/commons at Platteville High School and the collaborative learning classroom/restroom addition at our Platteville Middle School.

Heavier construction will begin when the school year concludes in May 2024 with completion dates set in late August before students return.

How to Learn More
Throughout this construction process, our goal will remain that everyone is informed of what is happening at our schools. Parents can expect a monthly update delivered to them via email. More details on each project can be found on each school's project information page or by clicking the links located on this page.

If you have any questions about this process, please direct them via email to

Estimated Project Timeline
The graphic below provides a high-level overview of the design and construction schedule. Note that the timeline may shift as the work progresses and as we adapt to changing conditions. 

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Platteville High School, Platteville Middle School, and Neal Wilkins Early Learning Center Construction


The construction is underway at our three school locations with progress being made simultaneously at each site. Our construction partners have laid the footprint and erected walls at the Neal Wilkins Gymnasium addition, Platteville High School Culinary/Agriculture classrooms addition, and at the Platteville Middle School with the collaborative learning/restroom addition. Construction will continue over the winter months and we look forward to its completion in August 2024.

Platteville High School Activities Complex

Construction Complete at the Activities Complex

The Platteville Activities Complex is currently completing its final cosmetic touches as we prepare for the winter months. Since the Grand Opening event on October 13th, we have learned just how electric a complex of this magnitude can be. We anxiously await the coming of Spring to continue to utilize the complex for soccer, track & field, baseball, and softball, just to name a few.


Westview Elementary School Drop-Off/Pick-Up Lane & Parking is NOW COMPLETE

The new parent drop-off / pick-up area will provide additional safety for students as it will bring vehicles off of the street. Vehicles will also be able to stage in this area and safely drop off or pick up their student(s) in front of the building.


Activities Complex Timelapse