Project Overview & Information

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Construction has begun at Platteville Middle School and we are excited to begin to bring the improvements outlined in the November 8, 2022, referendum to life. Construction is set to conclude in the Fall of 2024 with many improvements happening throughout the building:

    An addition will be constructed at the south end of the building, off of the 7th/8th Grade Hallway that will include additional single-stall bathrooms and collaborative/flexible learning space.

    The 2nd Street Entrance will be remodeled to include an ADA accessible ramp & entrance to the gymnasium.

    The 5th/6th Grade & Kitchen/Commons will be undergoing some structural corrections during the Summer of 2024. Over the years, some cracking has been seen in this wing. When cracking first appeared, the District consulted with construction professionals and was advised that the experienced cracking was consistent with the age of the building.  Within the past couple of years, the cracking has increased, the District contracted with a structural engineering professional to assess the cause and advise correction of the cracking.

Important Information During Construction:

In order to maintain safety for all during construction, please respect all fencing placed around the property. No students or patrons are allowed to cross into the construction zone without approval from Site Superintendent.

Throughout the planning process, student learning will be placed at the forefront with disturbances to be as minimal as possible.

Construction Zones


Active construction will be happening on the south end and western portion of the building.

Addressing Structural Needs

Throughout the course of planning, additional needs were discovered at the middle school that included some structural engineering/shoring in the 5th/6th Grade and Kitchen/Commons Area.


Our structural engineer advised these measures need to be addressed during this phase of construction.