Guest (Substitute) Teacher Information

Our district thrives on the ability to recruit and maintain the best possible staff for our students!

The substitute pool is ALWAYS in need of new members -- we currently are in need of guest teachers, administrative assistants, special education assistants, education assistants, food service, custodians, and housekeepers! 

Are YOU interested in becoming a guest teacher in our district? Do you have an Associates Degree? You can be a guest teacher! Those wishing to become guest teachers can NOW TRAIN ONLINE to obtain certification or attend one of CESA 3's in-person classes. Please visit their website for more information on the next available training! Once you complete 10 full days/80 hours of guest teaching in a school year, please contact the District Office for reimbursement (up to $125) towards the cost of your DPI substitute license. A paid receipt is required for reimbursement. 

Once you complete your guest teacher certification, you will need to apply for a 3-year substitute licence, please visit the
Department of Instruction website for more details and to get started on the application!

The district is also seeking candidates for long-term guest teachers. These positions often mean coverage for several weeks or a year(s) -- please visit the
Department of Instruction website for more information!

The Platteville School District Guest Teacher compensation matrix is one of the best in Southwest Wisconsin offering competitive wages in each category:
- Teacher: $17.50/hour ($140 for a full day)
- Administrative Assistant: $16.20/hour
- Special Education Assistant: $15.00/hour
- Education Assistant: $14.75/hour
- Food Service: $14.50/hour
- Custodian: $16.25/hour
- Housekeeping: $15.00/hour

These positions are extremely flexible and are at your discretion of when you would like to work. With the exception of guest teachers, these positions require NO certification and the district provides on-site training. 

Want to learn more? Please call the District Office at (608) 342-4000 or EMAIL US!