School Visitor Information

The Platteville School District welcomes visitors throughout the day to our schools. In order to ensure the safety of our schools, ALL visitors MUST check-in at the Main Office of the school you are wishing to visit and the discretion of admittance will be determined by the building Principal and/or their designee(s). Please refer to our School Board Policy that outlines this information further.

ALL visitors must present a valid State-Issued Identification Card (i.e. Drivers License, etc.) to the building's administrative assistant. The district has an online visitor management system (SafeVisitor Solutions) in each of our four schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do we have a visitor management system?
    The Platteville School District welcomes parents and other visitors to visit our school campuses. To help ensure student and staff safety, a visitor management program is in place to screen campus guests and validate the purpose of visit before granting access to the school buildings. The district always reserves the right to deny access to anyone.

  2. What is the process for a visitor to check-in to a school building?
    Step 1 - All visitors must check-in to the main office of the building
    Step 2 - The administrative assistant will ask the visitor for the purpose of their visit and ask for a valid form of ID (driver's license, etc.)
    Step 3 - The administrative assistant will scan the ID, take a photo of the visitor, and print out a sticker visitor badge
    Step 4 - The visitor will adhere the sticker badge to the front of their shirt so that it is prominently visible
    Step 5 - The visitor will check-out of the same office upon exiting

  3. What is done with the information collected during a visitor check-in?
    The data is stored as a confidential log of visitors in and out with dates/times recorded. The software also runs a National Sex-Offender check on every visitor entering the building.

  4. When are visitors required to check in?
    During the school day, which includes the time shortly before and after school. It does not include co-curricular activities after school. Visitors may pre-register by visiting SafeVisitor Solutions Visitor Approval Process.