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Westview Library

Hillmen Pride


What's Happening

Tech Ed Class Visits Local Business

4X Innovations owner, Adam Wiegmann, shows students how they utilize a fixture table to assist...Tech Ed Class Visits Local Business

UW-P Partnership

Our partnership with the University of Platteville is an incredible experience for our students...UW-P Partnership

4K Exploration: The Wonderful World

During the month of October 4K students will be learning about the amazing world of water....4K Exploration: The Wonderful World of Water

Guest Speaker Night-Michael McGowan

A consultant & motivational speaker who has worked nationally with thousands of...Guest Speaker Night-Michael McGowan

Making Futures, Making Memories

Welcome to Platteville Schools.  The Platteville Community can be very proud of their schools and the education that is offered to our youth. 
  • Our students consistently stand out academically, as performers, and as athletes. 
  • Our staff works very hard to prepare our students to be successful in their future. 
  • We have recently updated our facilities to create safe and vibrant learning spaces for our students.  
  • The support of the Platteville Community for our schools is exceptional and we appreciate it.
I look forward to seeing you in our hallways, our gyms, our auditoriums, and in our community. 
Go Hillmen!
Connie K. Valenza, Superintendent