Food Services

Food Services (Breakfast and Lunch Menus)

The Platteville School District strives to provide nutritional options for breakfast and lunch as part of the National School Lunch program.

Photograph of a salad with croutons

Our students enjoy plenty of options, all of which are chosen with balance in mind! 

Lunch Prices (includes one carton of milk):
Grades PK - 4 $2.75 daily
Grades 5 - 12 $3.25 daily
Reduced Student $0.40
Adult $4.00

Breakfast Prices (includes one carton of milk):
Grades PK - 4 $1.30
Grades 5-12 $1.40
Reduced Student $0.00 (no charge)
Adult $2.00

Milk Prices
All elementary students (PK-4), are offered a milk for break time each day.  The charge for milk is $0.30.  Free and reduced priced students receive one free milk per day.

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Special Accommodations
The Platteville School District provides alternative menu items for students with special dietary needs or food allergies.  For example, juice is offered as an alternative to milk for students who are lactose intolerant.  We also offer a vegetarian meal every day at each school for students who follow a meat-free diet.

Food Account Information:
Each family has their own food account and all family members share the same account. A positive balance must be maintained at all times, (it works like a debit system) in order for the child(ren) to be allowed to eat.  You can check your family lunch account on line through 

Skyward Family Access:
Families may apply at any time during the school year for free/reduced priced meals.  Children who qualify for free or reduced priced meals are not publicly identified in any way.

The Platteville School District participates in the USDA's Free and Reduced Lunch Program and applications are available to anyone at any time. 

Resources for Households

Food Service Cut-Off Procedure
Regular digital communication will occur on a weekly basis with payers receiving account notification of present balance at the end of the school week. When an account drops below negative $10, daily digital communication will be sent with the present levels of the account.

Student/Family account balances will be allowed to reach a level of negative $50 to accommodate family’s needs in providing payment on their payer accounts. Once this amount has been reached, students attached to the negative payer account will no longer be able to purchase school meals on credit and will be cutoff.

Each morning account balances will be reviewed by district staff. Any student accounts with a negative balance of more than $50 will not be able to participate in the school lunch program until the account is cleared with a positive balance. A certified mail cut-off letter will be sent to the payer’s household after their account has reached negative $25.

The first day a student’s account is cut-off, the student and their payer, will be directly notified from the office or their designee, that the student will not be able to eat the lunch provided in the school lunch program. Student’s in 4K-8th grade will be instructed to grab a bagged meal available in the lunch line that will consist of a piece of fruit, granola bar, and a milk. High school students will not be provided with a bag food option.

For any subsequent days following the initial cut-off date, students will be notified by a classroom teacher that they will not be able to eat the school lunch. The teacher will ask the student if they brought a lunch and if not they will let the office know that no lunch was provided. The office will contact the guardian and ask why a lunch was not provided for the child and document the conversation. The school’s kitchen will be notified and will prepare a bagged meal that will consist of a piece of fruit, granola bar, and a milk. If a child has 5 such days of not being provided food from home, the principal will make a family welfare call to Social Services to report child neglect on the guardian(s) for not providing food for their child.

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