Picture of the front of OEG.

OEG was built in 1953 as an elementary school. In 2008 the building was closed. Shortly thereafter the school district leased the building. Currently, the district rents space to various service entities in Southwest Wisconsin like Southwest Tech and Family Connections. 

Interior Photos of OEG
OEG is an asset to the community that remains a symbol of our rich tradition to community and education. The Platteville School District continues to be a cornerstone for those that live here.

DID YOU KNOW that there's a historical relic just outside OEG? In 1860, Platteville built the Brick School, a second schoolhouse in town. It was located at the site of the current OEG. Unfortunately, in 1953 it burned down, but the bell was recovered and is now hanging in the backlot of OEG. 

This is a picture of the bell hanging in the back of OEG. It was the school bell hanging at the Brick School -- circa 1860.