Goals: Goals are not easily attained.  To reach them requires work and sacrifice.  At Platteville Middle School, there are five goals for which our students should strive:

  1. Good Citizenship
  2. Outstanding Effort
  3. Regular Attendance
  4. Academic Excellence
  5. Physical Fitness.

School involves hard work. It also offers a great deal of fun and reward. Students get back from school what they put into it. School provides our students with opportunities for participation and exploration. Students provide effort and commitment.

SCHOOL CITIZENSHIP At Platteville Middle School, all students are expected to demonstrate good citizenship. It is our goal to help students develop self-discipline and a strong sense of responsibility. In any large group setting, some general guidelines are necessary.  Specifically, students must meet these obligations:

  1.  Attend all classes to which they are assigned.
  2. Follow school and classroom rules at all times.
  3. Help maintain all school equipment and property by refraining from destructive actions.
  4. Respect the authority of teachers and school staff. Acts of disrespect, insubordination, or abusive language toward teachers, staff members or other students will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action.
  5. Dress and grooming, like manners, reflect one attitude toward self and others. Students should dress appropriately for their role as students.