High School

One of the goals at PHS is to cultivate and maintain positive relationships with our students and their families.  As our students enter high school, parents may feel it is time for their students to be more independent and, therefore, parents become hesitant to remain as involved as they were in the past.  Research shows that the more parents are involved in their student's education, the more successful the student will be.  Our hope is that as parents, you remain involved in your student's education by utilizing Skyward for updates and monitoring your student's progress.  We also encourage you to read the newsletters that are sent out, attend all parent/teacher conferences, and take advantage of the other programs and services that PHS has to offer.  You are welcome to contact your student's teachers or school administrators at any time and for any reason.  By sharing your concerns and ideas, together we can make your student's high school experience the best it can be.