High School

Hillmen Athletics

The Interscholastic athletic program at Platteville High School is an integral part of the educational curriculum.  Athletics provides learning experiences not always found in other educational settings.  Development of leadership, cooperation, responsibility and decision-making skills are enhanced.

Some sports are divided into two levels - varsity reserve and varsity - while other sports are divided into three levels - freshman/sophomore, varsity reserve, and varsity.

The varsity level provides substantial opportunity for gifted and talented athletes.  Squad size for some sports is limited and competitive tryouts will determine squad membership.  Those judged to be most capable will receive the largest amount of participation time during contests.

A participant may select one sport per season and must have on file a valid WIAA physical card or alternate year card (opposite year of physical card), an Activities Code Pledge Sheet, Parent/Athlete Concussion Agreement, Informed Consent, and pay a $75.00 activity fee (unless waived).

Inappropriate behavior, smoking, drinking, and the use of illicit drugs prohibited.  Academic requirements of the Activities Code must be met.

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