High School

"Investing in Our Future"

Just imagine: A community of residents coming together to help our students.

Our Goal

We seek donations to the PHS Scholarship Fund to annually provide significant levels of scholarships while also building endowments to ensure future funding.  Ultimately, we strive to reach a point where all deserving student applicants going on to post secondary education receive scholarships

How You Can Help

Outright: Contributions to the Fund are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Bequests: You can create a lasting legacy by including the Fund in your will.  An estate gift allows you to make a much larger impact than might be possible during your lifetime.

Tribute: You may make a gift in honor or in memory of someone special.  This is a great way to thank a special teacher, remember a loved one, or thank the Platteville School District for making a difference in the lives of your children and community.

What is the PHS Scholarship Fund?

The PHS Scholarship Fund's mission is to expand access to higher education for the students of the Platteville School District and to provide funding for initiatives to enhance opportunities with the Platteville School District.

The Fund fulfills this mission primarily by providing higher education scholarships for Platteville graduates to help them further their post-high school education.

Why Your Gift is Important?

The PHS Scholarship Fund is your community organization and is supported solely by generous gifts from individuals, community groups, and businesses.  Your generosity, combined with that of others, allows the Fund to significantly impact the lives of our children and future graduates.

Your gift helps provide scholarships to deserving graduating high school seniors.  Together, we can make sure all motivated students have the opportunity to pursue their higher education dreams.

Donor Opportunities

Donors are recognized in school and fund communications, on the school Web page, in appropriate handouts, and on wall displays in the school.

  • Major donors are identified with specific scholarships and projects
  • Other donors can give to the programs of their choice.

Donors may establish designated funds, subject to the approval of the PHS Scholarship Board.  Fund scholarships are publicly announced in the spring of each year.

Past Scholarship recipients overcame many obstacles on their journeys to the next level of education of after high school.  Foundation scholarships provided financial help on their journeys.  But more than that, scholarships encouraged them to continue setting goals and reaching for their dreams.  You can help more students succeed by supporting the PHS Scholarship Fund.

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