High School

Scholarship Planning Areas

A.  Parent's Places of Employment
Unions or professional organizations offer substantial monies.

B.  Directly from the Institution of Higher Learning
Every school offers some form of sholarships.  Many are based on aademic merit, although some are based on athletic ability, ladership, drama, art, music, etc.  Often times your field of study will determine your eligibility to apply.  Private schools typically offer a great deal more money - keep in mind that the cost for tuition is also higher at a private school.

Be aware that technical colleges also offer several scholarships.

C.  Local Scholarships
Various clubs, organizations, and other groups have scholarships available.  Some of these scsholarships have very specific requirements such as field of study or participation in a certain activity.  Local scholarships are listed in a booklet available in the Guidance Department and under the link below.  The application forms for these scholarships are made available to all senior at the end of December. 

Tips for Filling Out Scholarship Applications

1.  Type the application.

2.  Proofread for grammar, spelling, etc.  Remember that this is a refelction of yourself and this may be the only way a selection committee formulates an impression of you.

3.  Do not write on the back of the page when writing essays.  Use an additional sheet of paper if necessary.

4.  Be prompt when submitting an application.  Applications athat are handed in past the due date will not  be accepted.

5.  Do not hesitate to try for scholarships - lots of them, too!  At the local level, someone is going to be awarded the money.  Many scholarship committees attempt to communicate with each other to avoid giving the monies repeatedly to the same students.  So, do not be discouraged.

6.  Remember to include on the application all co-curricular activites (sports, clubs, jobs, etc.) and any type of volunteer work.  You should have a resume listing all of your activities and awards available as you do each scholarship application.  Also include letters of recommendation from teachers, employers, etc., even if the application does not require or request them.

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