Platteville Public Schools


The Wellness Advisory Council was originally created to help develop the school district’s wellness policy in 2006. Once that policy was created, it was decided to keep the council intact to oversee the policy and to find avenues for the continual promotion of wellness to students, staff, and the community. The council consists of the superintendent, wellness coordinator, an administrator from each building, school nurse, food service manager, at least one teacher from each building, parents, and students.  In 2008, the district created an extracurricular position of “wellness coordinator” to direct and sustain the drive for achieving a greater level of district wellness. The wellness coordinator is also in charge of evaluating the district’s progress in meeting the standards established in the wellness policy.


Your Input:

If you have any interest in joining the wellness advisory council or if you have a topic you would like addressed by the council, please contact the Wellness Coordinator: Maureen Vorwald by email at or call her @ 342-4020 ext. 2244.