Platteville Public Schools

Special Education Referral Procedures

The Director of Special Services is responsible for receiving and processing referrals for students suspected of having a disability consistent with PI 11.02 (1) Wisconsin Administrative Code and local district policy IGB.  Every referral for evaluation of students with disabilities or suspected disabilities shall be honored.

Who makes referrals?
A.     A physician, nurse, psychologies, social workder or administrator of a social service agency who reasonably believes that a child brought to him or her for service has a disability shall refer the child to the local education agency (LEA - School District of Platteville).
B.     A person who is required to be licensed, who is employed by a LEA and who reasonably believes a child has a disability may refer the child to the LEA.
C.     Any person who reasonably believes a child is a child with a disability may refer to the child to the LEA.

Parents are informed before a referral is made.
Before submitting a referral to the LEA, a person required to make a referral shall inform the child's parent that he or she is going to submit the referral.

How to Make a Referral
Teachers should submit a written referral using the appropriate form to the building principal who will forward it to the Director of Special Services.  Referrals from other sources should be sent to the attention of the Director of Special Services.  The written referral must include the child's name and why the person believes the child is a child with a disability.

What must the district do?
The district will document the date of receipt of each referral and initiate an evaluation in order to determine eligibility and need for special education and related services.

What are the timelines?
The district shall notify the parents of the educational placement of the child or will inform the aprents that the child does not have a disability, within 60 days from receiving consent for evaluation.