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Six Flags Field Trip

Six Flags Field Trip

Physics students had the opportunity to take a field trip to Six Flags.  Fun was had by all!




Thank you to all of the families who came to our Math and Reading Night on May 2nd. Thank you to everyone who donated and/or bid on items. At Westview, we know each child needs choices for seating, and we certainly can provide even more of these with the auction proceeds, that totaled over 4,000 dollars.


Administrator or Fairy!?

Administrator or Fairy!?

Students raised over $130.00 for the Public Library.  Therefore, four staff members had to wear fairy wings and/or a tiara or crown.  Our fearless Administrators, Mr. Foley and Mr. Engh, were two of those lucky winners!


Mother's Day Tea Party

kindergarten Tea Party

Kindergarten enjoyed a special tea party for mothers or special friends.

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Forensics Awards Winners

Forensics Awards Winners

On Monday, May 1, the Platteville High School Forensics Team held their annual Performance and Awards Night.  At this event, the following participants received these special awards.  Front: Molly Otto (Most Improved Performer), Talitha Goomey (Most Improved Performer), Anica Graney (Most Improved Performer), and Clare Drefcinski (Most Improved Performer).  Back: Makayla Loeffelholz (Rosemary Anderson Spirit of Forensics), Nick Demaree (Performer of the Year), Lucy Tian (Speaker of the Year), and Jocelyn Gile (Outstanding First Year).




The NASA HUNCH team recently traveled to Cleveland Ohio to the Glenn Research Facility to present their projects they've been working on this year. The HUNCH program meets Monday evenings throughout the year at the high school to build small things for NASA to make life easier for astronauts on the International Space Station. 


Family Picnic Day

Family Picnic

Our Westview Family Picnic will be held on June 5th. Weather permitting, our picnic lunch will be on the soccer field. Come join us and celebrate a successful school year! 



4K Cruise NIght

4K students were invited to Neal Wilkins for Cruise Night!

They brought their "car" and drove thru the obstacles in the gym!

They had activities in every 4K classroom

and even a "drive in" movie!

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The Diverse Reader's Workshop for Kindergarten

Diverse Readers Workshop for Kindergarten

The purpose of the Diverse Reader's Workshop is to give our students a chance to experience cultures from around the world through language. Understanding that many people speak different languages is the first step in accepting and understanding others.  Plus, learning new words in a different language is fun and engaging!  This year our Diverse Reader's Workshops consists of community members, partnering with us to bring their language and culture to life through song, dance and/or other hands-on activities.  We will explore a variety of languages starting with Chinese and then moving on to Spanish, German, Arabic, and French.



Dr Seuss' Day

Fun activities were planned along with Silly Sock Day at Neal Wilkins for Dr Seuss' birthday! For more pictures and even a video, check out our Facebook page at:


Neal Wilkins went WILD yesterday!

Wild Animals Visit

Neal Wilkins went WILD with the NeCollins family!
Students got the rare opportunity to touch real wild animals fur, claws, teeth, feathers and horns! They got an up close look at the amazing animals because the NeCollins family does taxidermy. They take animals that have died and make them look life-like again. The children listened in wonder as the animals were explained to them. They got the opportunity to walk through all of displays touching, feeling and examining them...EVEN A BEAR! What a wonderful experience! Thank you NeCollins family!

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