Platteville Public Schools

SafetyScholar Online Training

Welcome to SafetyScholar training provided by EMC. This training is designed to help 
educate you and make your workplace a safer and more productive environment.

Please read the instructions listed below closely to maximize your training experience. 

1. Use the underlined link provided below to access the website. 

2. Some computer security software may not allow direct access to the site. 
In the event that you may be asked for the Username and Password, please use this information: Username: cmt Password: 12345 

3. You may be asked if you would like to begin at the last page that you viewed. 
Be sure to answer NO if prompted. You must begin the course from the beginning. 

4. Be sure to notify your Supervisor when you have completed the course.
Your Supervisor will document this training and you may be asked to complete a short quiz.

Let's Begin...

Link: SafetyScholar Training Site (Leave current site)