Platteville Public Schools


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  Model Safety Programs 

Model IEQ Plan
Model Bloodborne Pathogens Control Plan
Model Chemical Hygiene Plan
Model Confined Space Entry Program
Model Confined Space Non-Entry Program
Model Hazard Communication Program
Model Lockout-Tagout Plan
Model School OM Plan & Emergency Procedures


Asbestos Annual Notification
Asbestos DANGER Sign
Asbestos Designated Person Registration Form
Asbestos Outside Contractor Sign-In
B&G Summary Sheet
Designated Person Sign-Off
DNR Asbestos Abatement Notice
DNR Asbestos Notice Instructions
Minor Fiber Release Episode Report
New Material and Building Notice
O&M Activity Report
O&M Work Order
Two Hour Awareness Sign-Off

  Bloodborne Pathogens 

B&G Summary Sheet
Bloodborne Annual Program Review
Bloodborne Communication
Exposure Determination Form
Exposure to Blood/Bodily Fluids Form
Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination Form 
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  Confined Spaces 

B&G Summary Sheet
Calibration Documentation
Outside Contractor Sign-Off Form
Pre-Entry Checklist

  Facility Safety 

Contractor Notification - Health and Safety Plans
DSPS - Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace Poster
DSPS - Public Employee Safety and Health Poster

  Hazard Communication 

B&G Summary Sheet
Chemical Inventory for Disposal
Chemicals Not Recommended For Use In Schools
MSDS Request Letter
Outside Contractor Acceptance Letter

  Indoor Air Quality 

B&G Summary Sheet
Complaint Response Form
Occupant Comfort Questionnaire
Water Incursion Preventative Maintenance Inspection Form

  Lockout / Tagout 

B&G Summary Sheet
Energy Control Procedure
Lock-out Responsibility Documentation
Periodic Inspection Form

  Personal Protective Equipment 

B&G Summary Sheet
Respirator Fit Test Record